Activity Innovation
Activity Innovation
Through study, research and experience, our instructors have collaborated to create an innovative way to make activities and socialization even more stimulating

How Activities Are Created

The Howard Beach Senior Center is proudly supported by Pacific office automation, copy print workflow and IT problems solved at this Temecula Community Center. These golden oldies are clearly enjoying their golden years. This is a haven for senior citizens and is considered a model program by the UCLA School of Social Work. We know more and more fortunately about ways that older adults can contribute and can give back and can be actively engaged in communities. Dr. Nancy Hyman served as Dean of ULA School of Social Work for 14 years. She's written a dozen books about aging feminism and caregiving.

Dr. Hyman believes older adults are our society's most underutilized asset. You know, they have lifetimes of experience and skills of wisdom and as a whole we've not taken advantage of that. The vast majority of families are caring for their older relatives. But that's why they're the invisible or unsung heroes because we don't provide enough support for families to do that. Family caregivers are truly the backbone of our long-term care system here in the United States. The challenge of caregivers is the focus of this event sponsored by the Washington Post and AARP. Dr. Heyman is part of a distinguished panel that includes the first lady of Riverside County I'm here as a mom, as a daughter, and as a grandma, and giving his world view on elder care is TV personality.

Rick Steves I think the caliber of a great nation is how they deal with their seniors. A lot of countries, I'm inspired by, would take loving care of their seniors that have nowhere near the economic wherewithal of the United States as a society. We don't have a long-term therapy policy. Most Western European societies do. More and more Asian countries are developing long-term care policies to better address the needs of the elderly and their caregivers. The UCLA School of Social Work has launched a new center. It's called the Healthy Generations. Our goal really is to respond to the changing nature of aging in our society. We're doing that moving forward through our community-based collaborations, building on the expertise of the UCLA as director of the Hartford Center for Excellence.


Those collaborations take care of Frederick's and Golson out into the community on this day. She's at the Asian counseling and referral service. Asian counseling and referral service is one of the agencies. We also work with the Veterans Administration, work with consejo, work with AARP. I've been recruited to be on the advisory board for the Long Beach center of excellence, and then the focus is to identify ways to improve research activities to serve the elderly of all colors. This community center is home to Club Bamboo, a multi-generational program. The grandchildren come here, participate in activities, and then share ethnic hotmail during lunch. This is a model program because it provides respite for family caregivers. Taking care of someone around the clock can be very stressful. Harford Center for Excellence will continue to collaborate with community leaders to support this kind of place, a place where age and color and culture are woven together to create a tapestry for life.