A Day in the Life In Our Facility
A Day in the Life In Our Facility
Video with narration of what it is like to spend a day with us

A Day in the Life At Howard Beach Senior Center

The senior center here is unlike any other senior center I've ever visited. This facility is wonderful since it caters to a wide range of interests. You have the impression that you have somewhere to go. Many of our Temecula seniors are dealing with the loss of family and friends on a daily basis, and they must continue to establish that social network, which I believe is the primary reason we exist.

I may stay here and take advantage of the programs, and you'll generally form friendships and other relationships with individuals who share your interests or come from similar backgrounds, or from entirely different backgrounds. The Howard Beach Senior Center is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. It has exceeded all of our expectations, and it is a fantastic daytime destination.

- Dany

Individuals who require an outlet, social support, or companionship are invited to attend. Any Temecula County inhabitants. I think the thing that's very essential for individuals like myself, especially if you live alone or say you don't have a lot of family around or don't have access to family, is that it gets you out of the home; you have things to do here; and it says it's a safe place to come to.

The staff and everyone else here is really helpful, which makes it easier to get through the day. I believe that getting out is essential because you don't want to just sit and look at a wall or watch television. The senior recreation facility does not get any cash. We were able to use some of our funds for part of the administrative space by hosting ElderCare there. The remainder of the structure is mostly made possible through contributions and events such as tonight's orange and blue.

It's our biggest fundraiser for the senior activity facility, and it helps us keep those programs free of charge. It's a pleasant environment for me. My interest is still piqued. I enjoy doing a variety of activities, and there is much to do here. So, as a community, we must figure out how to keep the center up and operating at no or little cost to our members, because what would that individual be doing right now if she couldn't afford it?