My Experience Working On Arts and Crafts With Seniors
My Experience Working On Arts and Crafts With Seniors
My experience at the Senior Center Arts and Crafts program.

Arts & Crafts With Seniors

Hello, my crafty friends. It's Jenny from the Origami Tree, and today we'll be surprising a bunch of seniors. A couple months ago, we did a wooden wind chime project, so every single senior got a blank wooden wind chime and they were asked to paint it. Everyone participated, except for one senior. Then it occurred to me that the senior center doesn't have any aprons for the seniors to use.

I was just going to order it and ship it to the center, but then we ended up getting a little bit more funding than expected, and so first of all, I want to thank everybody who supported this cause. I'm sure the seniors are really going to appreciate it. I have a giant suitcase. It's full of wooden sort of memory chest things and stencils and paints and windmills and whatever else is in there. Other stuff is in there too, and all of that is thanks to you guys, so yeah, we're going to go in a little bit. 

Oh, you added some eyeballs to it. I did. Can I see what you did? Nothing. Nothing. That's something that's a ladybug. I like it. Are you painting today? Are we just penciling? Okay, very nice too. Thank you. Isn't that a happy new year? Yeah, that's happy new year. That's what I'm telling this little Oh, she says, you're doing a really good job too. That's really beautiful. And go back on Facebook and tell them that we need dinner because all we get here is cabbage. Thank you so much to everyone who has come to help us. you